Thabort (THAH-bort) was a dice game popular in the Dragon Reach region of Faerûn. It was a quick game that only required two six-sided dice and whatever coins players cared to wager. It was favored by guards and those in similar situations where there was not much to do until something happened that required immediate attention.[1]


The object of the game was to roll a "spread", meaning the numbers one through six, in six throws of the dice or fewer. The dice were counted separately, not added together. The ante, which all players had to put up before each round, was typically a few coppers. The person in possession of the dice made two throws, remembering what numbers showed, and then paused for the other players to place bets on how many more throws it would take to make a spread (one to four rolls). If the dice roller achieved a spread in a total of six throws or fewer, he or she got half the pot. Betters who successfully guessed how many rolls it took to get the spread divided the other half of the pot. If a spread was not achieved in six rolls, then the entire pot was carried over to the next round, all players anted again, and the dice were passed to a different player to start a new round.[1]


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