Thamphrol Sarlar was an assistant in the cookhouse of the Whistling Wizard inn located in Voonlar, circa the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR.[1][2]


The cookhouse at the Whistling Wizard was a raucous place where Thamphrol and the other kitchen drudges bickered with each other and the two dwarven cooks, Bezoldur Thornhand and Thaunder Gallowglaive, nonstop while carrying water, tending fires, turning spits, stirring cauldrons, and cleaning and slicing vegetables. They treated the four serving wenches who came to pick up food in much the same manner. It was a stressful working environment made even more uncomfortable by the heat from all the cooking fires and ovens. Thamphrol and his coworkers adapted by wearing very little clothing as they worked.[1][2]


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