Thard Harr (thard harr), the dwarven god of jungle survival and hunting, is the patron of the wild dwarves; he watches over them and works to ensure their continued survival. His followers revere the jungles they live in and do their best to live in harmony with and to protect the jungles (and themselves) from outsiders who would do either of them harm. His followers tend to be suspicious and isolationist, and they rarely willingly interact with outsiders. Only those who have proven themselves over a long period time can gain their trust. Thard Harr is also an exarch of Moradin.[1]


Thard's clerics and druids are known as vuddor ("those of the jungle") and due to the wild dwarves' general ignorance of deities other than Thard, have a position of great prominence in their society. They lead hunts, act as generals and representatives of their race.[2]


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The Morndinsamman
The dwarven pantheon

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