Tharian was a collection of human dialects spoken in the region of the Thar.[1]


Tharian was spoken by the inhabitants of the north and west Moonsea, from Glister in the north to Hillsfar in the south, and from Snowmantle in the west to Sulasspryn in the east.[1]


The Zhentarim spoke their own dialect of Tharian, in addition to their own secret argot known as Zhentarim Argot. The citizens of Glister and Phlan each spoke their own dialects, and the nearby cities of Melvaunt and Thentia shared a common Tharian dialect also. Likewise, Hulburg and Sulasspryn spoke a dialect known as East Tharian.[2]


Tharian derived from Auld Tharian, one of the North Thorass languages.[2]

After the destruction of Sulasspryn by a natural disaster in 1307 DR[3] and that of Hulburg by the Zhents in 1347 DR[citation needed], the East Tharian dialect had nearly gone extinct.[2]



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