Tharman was a human man from the village of Pengallen in the Silver Marches. He was a farmer.[1]

Description & PersonalityEdit

Tharman was around fifty years old in 1356, and though he was the most senior of the band, Rico Pengallen led it. Tharman was bothered and saddened by Rico's actions.[1]


In the winter of the Year of the Worm, 1356 DR,[2] a band of ogres and orcs attacked the village and carried off captives, including Tharman's wife and son. Tharman joined with the village leader, Rico Pengallen, and three other farmers to hunt down the group and rescue the prisoners.[1]

The next day, the group was discovered by the drow ranger Drizzt Do'Urden. Despite their fear, Tharman told the others to call off their shots and greeted Drizzt, whom he'd heard of, with a handshake, and they joined forces to rescue the captives. At the raiders' camp, fighting broke out, and Drizzt stopped an orc from executing Tharman's wife, while Tharman and the rest slew the remaining orcs. Tharman was happy to be reunited with his family.[1]

Later, Tharman silently discouraged Drizzt from confronting Rico Pengallen over the death of Nojheim.[1]


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