Tharra was a Harper spy.[1]


Tharra Hailed from Mistledale but her job with Harpers made her travel a lot.

In 1479 DR Tharra met Magros and he often helped Tharra in her missions but always gaining a profit from them.

In 1486 DR in order to save both a village and a column of refugee from a Sembian army Tharra was forced to offer her soul to Magros.

Magros however, that had planned the entire situation send her as her spy in the secret shadovar village for captured Chosen.

There Tharra posed as a maid in the service of Adolican Rhand She made everyone talk to each other, and kept all the people safe. She was ordered to dress Farideh with appropriate clothes.

Later, in the streets of the village, she approached to the disguised Dahl Peredur. Together they started plotting how to escape.

At last however after Tharra tried to kill Oota Dahl and Farideh discovered that she had bargained with Magros. She told them her story but was put in chains.

However Farideh decided to ask her help to recover a scroll from the Rhand's study.

At the end of all matter she was took in custody by others Harpers in order to explain to a Harper jury her actions.[1]



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