The Thayan Gladiator is a special prestige class of Thay. Thayan Gladiators are in heavy demand from the elite upper class of Thay, serving as a distraction from the day to day hardship and torment that arises from living in the realm of the Red Wizards. This demand for excellence and amusement has given the Thayan Gladiators a tradition that makes them the very best of their kind within the Realms. The most powerful Gladiators find themselves as potential guards for Red Wizards or tharchions.[1]

Thayan Gladiators are all monstrous humanoids who have a natural weapon (such as claws, fangs, or horns) which they can use in combat. Upon becoming a Gladiator, the fighter is presented to a Red Wizard of Transmutation,[1] who begins a process of adding magical enhancements to one of the Gladiator's natural weapons.[2]

Abilities Edit

Silver/Adamantine/Magic Strike
A Thayan Gladiator has his natural weapon altered to gain the properties of silver. At a later time, the Gladiator also gains the properties of adamantine, and later on, a magic weapon, to his natural weapon.[2]
Imbue Natural Weapon
An experienced Thayan Gladiator can select a specific magical effect that is given to his natural weapon. [2]

Notes Edit

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