The two breeds of Thayan orc are magical hybrids of ordinary gray orcs, orogs, and other creatures, including possibly ogres and gnolls. Tall and muscular, with large hooded eyes, tough leathery skin, and snouted bestial faces, Thayan orcs seem to embody all the worse aspects of the creatures that went into their creation. Both Thayan black and red orcs are warrior creatures, loyal and skillful, who live for battle. Their only weakness is their slow rate of reproduction. Many are infertile. Both breeds speak Common, Orc, and Mulhorandi.


For many decades Thayans have tried to create their own race of orcs, violent but loyal to Thay. In the last couple decades, the Thayans have succeeded, albeit slowly. As a group, Thayan orcs have only a marginal reproduction rate – Thayans have managed to field only a few companies.


Thayan black orcs were bred to act as scouts, archers, and infiltrators. They are quicker, leaner, and slightly taller than Thayan red orcs, and their skin ranges from dark green to deep, sooty black. Their facial features are slightly less bestial and their eyes are smaller and completely black.

Thayan red orcs were bred as elite shock troops. They are tougher than Thayan blacks, and their skin is dark, mottled red, and eyes a deep yellow. They are usually well equipped and revel in bloodshed and violence.


Thayan orcs are born and raised in a lawful regimented structure. They live in barracks built by their masters, where they are organized into large military units. No independent groups of them exist. There is nothing else for them. Consequently, their society is extremely hierarchical and a mirror image of the typical chaos that most orcs thrive under.



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