Imagine a world of knights in shining armor, mighty castles, and high chivalry. In this book you'll find a wealth of information designed to allow any DM to create a campaign world based on feudal Europe. Sections address life in a feudal culture, the duties of the nobility, and the true meaning of knighthood. You'll find a complete system for the design and construction of castles, new BATTLESYSTEM™ rules for the resolution of sieges, a quick resolution system for massive military campaigns, and an assortment of generic castles to spark your imagination. The Castle Guide is a must for any player or DM who's ever wanted to fight for a seat at the Round Table.


  • Chapter 1: The Feudal Setting
  • Chapter 2: In The Days Of Knights
  • Chapter 3: The Tournament
  • Chapter 4: Evolution Of Castles
  • Chapter 5: Castle Construction
  • Chapter 6: Unusual Castles
  • Chapter 7: Warfare!
  • Chapter 8: Quick Resolution Systems
  • Chapter 9: Generic Castles


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