A dozen years in the making, this sourcebook contains everything you need to know about Ravens Bluff, home of the Living City™ campaign:
  • The movers and shakers of the city are described in detail, from the deans of the Wizards Guild to the prelates of the Clerical Circle, from the Lady Mayor to the heads of the noble houses.
  • The laws of the city are revealed, along with the officials responsible for enforcing them and the punishments for breaking them.
  • Read the history of the city and discover the secrets of Lost Sarbreen, the dwarven city buried beneath its foundations.
  • New monsters and new magics, hidden cults and secret societies, and a description of the entire Vast surrounding the city are all included within these pages.
  • As if this were not enough, this sourcebook also includes the most detailed map of the city ever published and an extensive Walking Tour visiting hundreds of locations throughout Ravens Bluff.

Come join one of the largest and oldest RPG campaigns in the world! Find out why it has attracted some of the best players in the game today. Accept the challenge. The Living City awaits...