The Complete Book of Gnomes & Halflings is a sourcebook for the 2nd edition of Dungeons & Dragons. It was published in 1993.

Clever illusionists and sly practical jokers. Brilliant burglars and easygoing farmers. Now The Complete Book of Gnomes and Halflings reveals the secrets of these two popular races - their culture, beliefs, and subraces (including two new subraces), as well as twenty-eight new character kits, from the gnome Goblinsticker to the halfling Forestwalker. If you enjoy playing gnome or halfling characters, or if you're a DM interested in creating an all-gnome or all-halfling campaign, this is the book for you!



  • Chapter 1: Myths of the Gnomes
  • Chapter 2: Gnome Subraces
  • Chapter 3: Gnomish Culture
  • Chapter 4: Gnome Character Kits
  • Chapter 5: Granitehome - A Typical Gnomish Village


  • Chapter 1: Myths of the Halflings
  • Chapter 2: Halfling Subraces
  • Chapter 3: Halfling Culture
  • Chapter 4: Halfling Character Kits
  • Chapter 5: Lindendale - A Typical Halfling Village

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