The Deepfires was an inn in the subterranean city of Skullport in Undermountain in the mid–14th century DR.[2]


The Deepfires was situated in the Lower Heart ward of Skullport.[2] It could be found by following the bellows of the Raging Bull, a minotaur imprisoned by a forgotten slaver in an almost-unbreakable cage suspended from the cave ceiling just outside the inn's doors. None could free him, and he became a notorious local landmark. The goblin twins Nyk and Nok kept the area below swept clean of dung.[2]


The inn was a three-story building and in good condition.[2] It apparently held some secret passages.[3]


The interior decoration was tasteful and luxurious. Rooms held furniture carved of dark wood and large feather beds. There was even a heated bathroom on each floor, permitting comfortable bathing and a way to wash off the muck of Skullport.[2]

There were a good number of alcoves and salons available to patrons. They allowed privacy or intimacy, and providing a relaxing and uninterrupted dining experience for patrons.[2]


The Deepfires was a quiet and subdued establishment but had a warm and inviting air that promised comfort, peace, and safety.[2]


The staff of the Deepfires were courteous to the guests and helpful and obliging to their needs.[2]

The meals and beverages on the menu—particularly broths and soups—were of excellent quality. However, they had prices to match: a meal and drink would cost one around 10 gp.[2]


The inn employed a number of bouncers and bodyguards to prevent the patrons from being disturbed. They stood among the patrons, discreet but ready to respond. There were some half-dozen on duty at a time, all capable warriors in chain mail and wielding clubs, broad swords, and darts coated with a poison that caused a target to briefly fall unconscious.[2]


The proprietor of the Deepfires was widely believed to be Vhondryl, who had permanent rooms there and easy access to its secret passages and the services of its bodyguards.[3][1] In fact, these were a gift from her close companion, Raella Hiess, the real behind-the-scenes proprietress. The two had an arrangement whereby Vhondryl pretended to be the proprietress and Raella acted as an ordinary barmaid.[4][5][6] Raella worked as a barmaid, took care of guests and their need, and scheduled meetings between Vhondryl's own clients and customers in the poison trade.[2] Raella used the Deepfires as a means of gathering information for the Lords of Waterdeep.[4][5]


The Skulls of Skullport once ordered someone to go and polish the bar at the Deepfires, just one of the many bizarre demands they made.[7]


The Deepfires saw a number of important or colorful patrons.

In the mid–14th century DR, wounded cartographer Aekyl Dafyre took rooms at the Deepfires and a place at the bar, and drank away his sorrows until the Skulls sent him on a more profitable errand. He later opened his new business close to the inn.[4][8][9]

Through the 1360s DR, the mage and information broker Irusyl Eraneth could often be found in the Deepfires (or else in the Burning Troll]), seated in the back of the taproom and where she could face the door. A friend of Raella, she also used the inn as a place to gather information.[8][2][9] Her apprentice Liak sometimes kept rooms at the Deepfires.[10][11]

In Eleasis of the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR, a Waterdeep-based Calishite merchant named Sammereza Sulphontis stayed at the Deepfires whilst negotiating trade alliances with Vhondryl and the House Tanor'Thal drow.[12]



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