The Fallen Lands are an rocky, barren area just west of Anauroch.

This is the present-day (circa 1479 DR) name for the strip of habitable land west of Anauroch[1], stretching between the Far Forest (now overrun by evil things out of Hellgate Keep) and Weathercote Wood. The Fallen Lands are now home only to monsters, it seems, although rumors persist of powerful mages inhabiting the southern end, and hurling back the evil creatures of Hellgate Keep with their art. This was once part of the realm of Netheril, a kingdom of mages who could not stem the expansion of the Great Desert; some sages say that many of them set out south across the Realms to find a new home, and founded the present-day realm of Halruaa. Reports from the adventurers Vanthorm and Haladan indicate that when they visited The Fallen Lands some five winters ago, they observed a beholder of awesome size directing hobgoblin servants to capture monstrous beasts and conduct a strange bestial breeding program.[citation needed]



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