The Fangs were a pair of extremely steep mountains between which—at Fang Pass—the Trade Way led on the way through the Cloud Peaks of Amn.[2]


These two crags were not among the tallest in the range, yet they were the most difficult mountains to climb in the Cloud Peaks because of their treacherously steep slopes and the cover of ice.[2] They appeared as two stone needles, so steep were their slopes.[3]

The two peaks marked the northern border of Amn, at the point where the Trade Way (here called the Bitten Road[4]) crossed directly between them. At this location there was placed a marking stone that read, "Fang Pass Border of Amn". (Interestingly enough, the Amnian town of Nashkel lay farther north than this point.[2][3])


A family of cloud giants used to live in the area of the Fangs, but they were defeated around 1345 DR.[5]


In the 1350s DR, a remorhaz was slain in Fang Pass. A large number of adventurers were then slain or went missing searching for its lair. It was thought that the remorhaz had a mate or family still alive;[2] however, no tracks were found and bodies were always stripped of loot, so Lord Krimmevol of Crimmor hired adventurers to investigate, though without success.[4]



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