The Fish House was a shop located in the city of Wheloon in Cormyr, on the southern end of the city and the western bank of the Wyvernflow. It sold fish and ice and was owned by Ascalan, a retired wizard and fishmonger, circa 1369 DR.


The Fish House consisted of an old wharf and a warehouse. Both were dilapidated and steadily falling apart and falling into the Wyvernflow river, at risk of being washed away. It also smelled quite bad.


Despite its state, fishing boats came from up and down the Wyvernflow, from the Wyvernwater upstream to the Inner Sea downstream, and docked at The Fish House to sell their catches to Ascalan every day.

Ascalan then sold both fish and ice to the people of Wheloon, and other merchants and travellers passing through. There was also an icehouse.

Ascalan also occasionally sold potions, albeit at great cost.


Ascalan refrigerated the fish and created blocks of ice using a ring of frost, and conducted sales of both. His sons loaded and unloaded cargo and pumped river water into large tanks. From these, the water went into pans full of fish, when Ascalan then froze.[1]


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