The Hermit was a corpse tearer linnorm[1] sage living in Narfell during the Rage of Dragons of 1373 DR.[2]


The Hermit was a dragon-like creature living in the hills of Narfell with some undead servants. The Nar tribes saw him as a sage and treated him with great reverence.

In 1373 DR, following the suggestion of some Nar tribesmen, Dorn Graybrook and his allies sought an audience with him. But the Hermit didn't want to become involved in mortal affairs and refused. After a brief skirmish, however, the Hermit agreed to help them and told them the last piece of lore about the creation of the Dracorage mythal: the secret elven citadel was built high in the Novularond Mountains in the midst of the Great Glacier.[2]




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