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The High Road was the inland trade route that stretched from Waterdeep in the south to Luskan in the north. It skirted Thornhold and the eastern edge of the Mere of Dead Men where it passed beneath Iniarv's Tower before going through Leilon. Shortly afterward it intersected with the western Triboar Cutoff then went through Neverwinter and Port Llast before coming to Luskan.

A High Road also connected the trade city of Proskur with the kingdom of Cormyr. It led from Proskur, over the Bridge of Fallen Men into the Storm Horn Mountains, through the hamlet of Old Axe and under Skull Crag then through Eagle Peak until coming to High Horn. It then continued east out of the mountains, going through Tyrluk and Eveningstar (where it connected with the Starwater Road), crossed the Starwater River via a stone bridge and finally ended west of Arabel.