The Howling of a Mighty Storm is an adventure module from the RPGA Legacy of the Green Regent campaign.


The druid circle responsible for determining the next Green Regent has been the victim of several kidnappings. Only one is left free and has fled to Loudwater. Unfortunately, in her haste she left behind the chalice needed to complete the ceremony and worries for its safety. The party is tasked with retrieving the chalice and finding the other druids.

The Lady's Chalice and the Secret of the Greendraught were in danger. The druids of the Circle of the Stag were vanishing one after another until only one remained. In desperation, she turned to the Order of the Jade Blade and begged them to help her keep the Forest Maiden's secrets from a unseen menace that threatened the tradition of the Green Regent.
  — Teseryne Truesilver

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