Volo's rating system
1 coin
2 tankards
1 pipe

The Jaded Unicorn was a ramshackle former warehouse in Scornubel was turned into an inn and tavern. It featured a life-sized purple unicorn statue that was wearing makeup. The rooms were of very poor quality and had a bad smell. It had a bad record for violent crime. It was the only inn in the city that would allow orcs and half-orcs to stay as guests. To keep the injuries to a minimum, the tavern used earthenware tankards. The tap room got very noisy and extremely crowded. There were reports of the city's youths being kidnapped from The Jaded Unicorn to be forced into a sailing career.[1]

Food and drinkEdit

The food served at The Jaded Unicorn consisted of slabs of bread, wedges of cheese, hare stew, pan-fried trout and roast cuts soaked in stale beer. The food and drink here was cheap compared to the rest of the city.[1]


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