The Paws of the Cheetah were a pair of Boots of Speed that, slightly differently from others of their sort, doubled their wearer's speed of movement on foot at all times. As such, they were used by a deadly assassin who would chase down his prey. The name of this assassin was not known, but at least in 1368 DR the boots were in the possession of Drasus, who might have acquired them from him, or have been that assassin himself. They may have subsequently been taken by Gorion's ward, who fought Drasus at the entrance of the old dwarven mine in Cloakwood.

The Paws of the Cheetah are the Baldur's Gate version of Boots of Speed. Though there is only the one pair worn by Drasus found in the first game, in the sequels it becomes a generic item, and several pairs with the same name and description are found.



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