The Phoenix Prophecies was a collection of prophecies from the great Nar'ysr of Calimshan, composed by the Herald Swordswreath.[1]


The Phoenix Prophecies was a seven-volume collection of over 8,000 prophecies. The prophecies made predictions about matters both important and unimportant. Swordswreath organized the Phoenix Prophecies into various groups, the most notable being the Caleph Auguries and the Eclipse Prophecies.[1]

Caleph AuguriesEdit

There were 22 prophecies in all that Swordwreath composed into this group, considered some of the most cryptic prophecies ever received. These auguries roughly foretold the history of Calimshan, include its nine Ages. In fact, the titles of Calimshan's ages were derived from the auguries themselves.[1]

Of the 22 Auguries, fourteen were believed to have already been fulfilled by 1370 DR. The remaining eight prophecies were Auguries 12, 14, 16 through 19, 21, and 22. The sage Elminster Aumar had many theories about the meanings of the remaining auguries.[1]

Eclipse PropheciesEdit

The Dragon of the West and the Stallion of the East shall meet and the dust of their fury shall eclipse the skies.
— Eclipse Prophecy 1, also known as the Prophecy of the Dragon and the Stallion[1]

Nearly a third of the Nar'ysr's prophecies involved metaphors about eclipses, and more than 300 of these were collectively called the Eclipse Prophecies. Almost all of them had to do with battles and wars. These prophecies successfully predicted the Genie Wars, the Twelve Peak Wars, the Eye Tyrant Wars, the Time of Troubles, and the Tuigan Horde. About fifteen of the prophecies remained unfulfilled by 1370 DR.[1]


The Phoenix Prophecies was the first non-Calishite recording of the Nar'ysr's predictions. It was composed in the 10th century DR by the then-current Herald Swordswreath. She collected the prophecies from among several now-lost sources and the memories of an Abbalayar prophet named Kadh yn Ororm al Mjol.[1]


The original copy of The Phoenix Prophecies still existed in Herald's Holdfast as late as 1370 DR. Copies also could be found in Candlekeep, Calimport, Silverymoon, and Waterdeep.[1]


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