The Raging Lion is a large inn and tavern on the east side of the Trade Way in the north of Scornubel. It is well guarded and has secure stables. It is generally unclean throughout, and a dirty gilded lion stands outside. Sometimes the residents leave a severed animal head in the lion's open jaws as a joke, and sometimes the heads of intelligent creatures are left there as a sinister message or warning. Inside, the chamberpots are also gilded lion heads. The staff of the establishment are known for being slow and leisurely. Three adventuring bands once made their home at The Raging Lion, but when one of them returned with great wealth looted from a Netherese ruin, the other two slaughtered them. The treasure has not been discovered since.[1]

Food and drinkEdit

The food available includes roasts, stews and vegetables. Upon request, the chef will prepare a platter of fried stuffed snake in a poultry gravy with almonds, a personal favourite. Elturian pheasant tail soup is available but it is not unknown for rodents and other low-quality meat to be used instead. Wine and spiced wine is available to drink, but ale is not sold.[1]


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