The Ravager is a halberd found in Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal in Yaga-Shura's fortress in the Marching Mountains, wielded by a prince of elemental fire. Already powerful then, it can be greatly enhanced by having Cespenar combine it with the Serpent Staff, making it arguably the most powerful weapon in an expansion full of artifacts of legendary might. The Ravager has a singular appearance for a halberd, looking more like a trident at a first glance.

In its original form, The Ravager has a +4 enhancement bonus and can cast Cloak of Fear twice per day. When it is improved, the enhancement bonus grows to +6, the number of spell uses to three times per day, and the weapon gains the ability to inflict great poison damage on each hit and a 10% chance to decapitate its target upon hitting, with luck killing almost any opponent instantly.

Lesser copies of the Ravager were forged by the smiths Marrok of Neverwinter and Barun. Marrok's version paled in comparison to the original, while Barun's was much closer to the mark. Both of these copies did extra sonic damage and Barun's was also able to daze it's victims.