The Restless Shore by James P. Davis is the second novel in The Wilds series.


The Mere-That-Was nurses the nightmare children of the Spellplague. Along the dry lake bed, monsters unlike anything in Toril haunt the landscape. From the depths of the wilds, an eerie hymm draws strange disciples to the lair of one plaguechanged child.

Its hypnotic song urges them to seek the key to completing the lullaby: a new voice.

A trio of strangers must trust each other as they chase the cult of the Choir—and the girl they've taken—through the wilds of Akanûl.

But all their fears are coming true.



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  1. James P. Davis (May 2009). The Restless Shore. (Wizards of the Coast), p. 1. ISBN 978-0-7869-5131-4.

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