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The Swinging Sword is an inn owned and operated by two elderly sisters Jhandlatha Taskloath and Peieyrie Taskaloath in the town of Red Larch.[1]


The Swinging Sword is a two-story building of stone and timber with a covered porch that runs parallel to the Long Road. It also has a round turret that looks like it belongs on a large castle.[1]


The Swinging Sword is old, dark and full of secret passages and storage closets. It also has a lot of mice and cats who hunt them. Sometimes The Swinging Sword gets rowdy, as it's the favorite inn in Red Larch of adventurers, professional escorts, and those who are people of action.[1]


There are rumors that a gate (or even more than one), are hidden somewhere in or near the Swinging Sword. Tales tell of connections with the Moonshaes, The Vast, and the Tashalar. The rumors are supported by strange folk showing up in the inn often.[1]


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