The Teeth of Calaunt, or simply The Teeth, were the standing army of the city-state of Calaunt in the Vast in the 14th century DR.[1][2][3][4]


The Teeth numbered six thousand soldiers, twenty battle-mages, and twenty warcaptains.[1][2][3] Each battle-mage was an apprentice of Merchant Duke Halabankh Ormsarr, and two of them served each warcaptain.[1] The warcaptains in turn answered to Barons Uthorn and Wenszrin.[1][3]


The Teeth were poorly trained brawlers, and their captains were little better. However, they were well equipped. Each battle-mage was an illusionist.[1][2][3][4]

Calaunt's authorities always hired mercenary armies, known as "lances", to support the Teeth in times of war or orc assault. The barons commanded these units directly. The mercenaries did most of the actual fighting, while the Teeth conducted raids and ambushes and only entered the final stages of a battle to steal the victory.[1]


The Teeth occasionally indulged in piracy in the Dragon Reach and hunting for orcs on land.[1]


The Teeth of Calaunt had their barracks in the Fortress of the Five Vultures in Calaunt.[1]


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