The Wanderer was an amnesiac kensai of Kozakura in 1358 DR.[2]


The Wanderer was at the Battle of Kiroshima. He was one of the few survivors, along with Doin Sanehiro and Kuang, but without any memory of his past, not even his name or if he fought for the samurai or for Jinchin. However, he accepted Doin as his new master and always loyally served him after their meeting.[2]

In late 1358 the Wanderer was in Shou Lung province of Chu' Yuan searching for his missing friend Okotampe[1]

Later The Wanderer search for Okotampe in Fochu Peninsula in Wa, the truth location where his friend was missing. Eventually the two met again thank to Osari Minhiro and a foreign adventuring party.[3]


The Wanderer seemed not to care for his past, probably because it was a terrible one. He only wanted to start a new life. He liked moving from place to place and doing things in order to not thinking about his past. If someone of his past appeared, then the Wanderer would surely try to escape.[2]



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