"The Warlock King" was a ballad known in Faerûn by the 1360s DR, about a warlock king.

A few minstrels mistakenly called the ancient lich wizard Larloch "the Warlock" or "the Warlock King", after the Warlock's Crypt where he dwelled, but Larloch apparently took umbrage at being called a warlock. Composers of ballads naming him as such were supposedly kidnapped by creatures in the night and carried away to be tortured and turned into some undead thing by Larloch. Thus, singing the ballad "The Warlock King" anywhere in three days' ride of the Troll Hills was not advised, lest Larloch overhear and be displeased.[1][note 1]



  1. It is not clear if "The Warlock King" is actually about Larloch.


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