The Widower was a drow wizard who led a group belonging to Clan Auzkovyn.[1]


Nothing, including his name, was actually known about the Widower. It was suspected that he lived in a Lolthite-ruled city as a consort to a matron mother, whom he strangled in her sleep. He had been inspired to the murder by Vhaeraun and committed it to leave his city and live among free drow, with whom he had a chance for a position of authority.

He escaped with the help of his new patron and managed to hide his name through spells given to him by the Masked Lord; since then, he called himself the Widower.

In 1370 DR, he became the leader of one of the groups belonging to Clan Auzkovyn on the surface. The Widower successfully protected the group from enemies for two years, during which he had a good relationship of mutual support with Jezz the Lame from House Jaelre.

During this time, he wrote at least two spellbooks in cooperation with a cleric of Vhaeraun, making both divine and arcane versions of both books. Among them was the Obsul Ssussun.

In 1372 DR, he left his group, giving the Obsul Ssussun to his apprentice Zulifein T'orgh while his position was inherited by the group's ranger, Divolg Luen.[1]


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