The diary of Sarevok told the story of Sarevok Anchev and the events he was involved in before the Iron Throne set the Iron crisis on the Sword Coast in motion and during the iron crisis itself until Gorion's Ward stopped the Iron Throne operations in the Cloakwood. [note 1]

The diary was in the possession of Cythandria in the Iron Throne headquarters in Baldur's Gate.[1]


14th of Eleint, 1367: Today Cormyr has instituted a ban against the Iron Throne from operating within their borders. While this is a great blow to the Iron Throne, it is the perfect opportunity for Reiltar to approach the Throne high council with his proposal. If things go well, we could begin the operation within the year.

25th of Marpenoth, 1367: Davaeorn has sent a message to Reiltar, informing him that the mines at Cloakwood have been drained and are ready for use. This revelation should help greatly in convincing the Throne high council.

2nd of Nightal, 1367: The Iron Throne council has agreed to support Reiltar's plan. He has been given all the resources he needs, as well as leadership of the project. I have expressed interest to my 'father', and he had promised to include me within the operations along the Sword Coast. He mentioned mother in our conversation: how I wasn't to be unfaithful to him as she had. He made it clear that I would suffer her fate if I was. His threats are weak and hollow, and I shall listen to them for only so long. I have decided to take this time to make my visit to Candlekeep. I have waited a long time to research the prophecies of Alaundo, and I must know if the dreams speak the truth. I will not believe the words of phantoms without proof, and the Priest of Bhaal I confronted gave me nothing. He was old and died quickly in my grasp. If the words are true, I shall surely groom stronger acolytes than this.

11th of Ches, 1368: My research has gone well. The monks here at Candlekeep have been quite helpful. From what I have read, it would seem certain that the blood of Bhaal does indeed flow through my veins. His prophecies are (of course) ambiguous, but I think I understand them. He foresaw his coming death, and seeded his essence across the land. The children born as a result bear the marks of chaos, have power with no direction, and shall feel the blood of a god within them. The deaths they bring shall awaken the father, and through them he will rise. It does not explicitly say, but obviously this means that death wrought by the children will cause them to ascend. Fitting, and since the father was the Lord of Murder, proving one's worth must involve an act in accordance with his portfolio. I begin to see what I must do. Death on a god-like scale.

3rd of Tarsahk, 1368: The monk Gorion troubles me. He seems to have taken an interest in my readings. I must be careful to be more clandestine in my research. I wish I could simply kill him, but I doubt I could safely murder him within this damnable library.

11th of Tarsahk, 1368: I had a dream this night. My mother was talking to me, but as she did her face became bloated and discolored. Her voice became weaker as she spoke to me, telling me to save her from Reiltar. I could see the garrote cutting into her neck, but I did nothing. It was only a dream.

27th of Tarsahk, 1368: I take my leave of Candlekeep now, and not a moment too soon, for I am sure that Gorion has perceived my heritage. One thing that I am certain of: Gorion's Ward[note 2] is, in actuality, one of Bhaal's brood as well. Gorion's Ward has all the markings, and it would explain Gorion's curiosity of my studies. Though there is nothing I can do now, I will have to make certain to return and kill the little brat. It would be foolish of me to let one of my siblings live, especially one being brought up by the Harpers (and I am sure that is where Gorion's allegiances lay).

5th of Mirtul, 1368: Today I met with Reiltar in Baldur's Gate. The fool still insists on calling me his son, and for now I will let him. He assumes that I am loyal to him because he raised me. Well, loyal I am, but only as long as he is useful. He's set up a base in the mansion of a destitute noble family and says that everything is running smoothly. Mulahey has established himself at the mines of Nashkel, and his kobold minions should be already busily contaminating the iron ore. Only a few slaves have begun to mine out the ore at Cloakwood, though Reiltar assures me that once the bandit raids begin we'll have a steady supply of new slaves.

8th of Hammer, 1369: I met with the leaders of the Chill, and Black Talons. I have little liking for Ardenor, the leader of the Chill, but Taugosz seems to be a man of his word. It is a good thing, as I'll have to work with these mercenaries for the rest of the year.

3rd of Tarsahk, 1370: Everything proceeds well. The ore coming from Nashkel has started to deteriorate, and my mercenaries have been doing a fine job at destroying any iron caravans on route to Baldur's Gate. Though some of my mercenaries have been captured, most think they work for the Zhents, so no trouble has fallen on the Iron Throne. I am sure that the Zhents at Darkhold won't be pleased to know that their name has been falsely used. I will have to be wary for Zhentish agents in the coming months.

28th of Tarsahk, 1370: I think I now have the time to deal with that old codger Gorion, and his little whelp. I will have to inform my men that I'll be gone for the next few weeks.

? of Myrtle: No time to write, but I must not neglect my journals so. The future dead must know of how the Lord of Murder again came to them. I shall hire a scribe when time allows. Things have not gone completely as I have planned, but I will still be able to salvage the situation. Gorion's Ward is on the move to Baldur's Gate; if I could maneuver the whelp to Candlekeep, then I would have the perfect scapegoat for my plan. My mortal 'father,' Rieltar, is there to meet with the Knights of the Shield. He has been blocking all my attempts to escalate the hostilities between Amn and Baldur's Gate, and these meetings will only serve to smooth relations. I must rid myself of them all and assume control of the Iron Throne myself. I cannot allow petty business and monetary concerns to interfere. Terribly sorry, 'father,' but my true parentage calls and you are in my way. I shall be sure to instruct the doppelgangers in the exact manner Reiltar should die. I think a garrote would be perfect for the task.



  1. The timeline of the diary is not in line with that of the Baldur's Gate game, because the prophecy should have been fulfilled somewhere between year 1369 and 1370, whereas the diary of Sarevok has dates in 1370.
  2. In the game, the player's chosen name is appears in the diary. This wiki adopts the convention of naming the player "Gorion's Ward".


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