Theebles Royuset was a former merchant and a lieutenant of the Basadoni Cabal, a thieves' guild in Calimport. He was also the mentor to the young Artemis Entreri until his untimely death.

Royuset had bought his position in the thieves' guild sheerly through money. He was physically unfit and gluttonous, but sharp of mind. He was the one who arranged Entreri to be tested and accepted into the guild. After he was appointed his personal mentor, the two quickly grew to hate each other. Ultimately Entreri challenged him to a game of "quarter table", where each party had a chance of ingesting a lethal poison. Royuset was prepared for this and had taken antivenom, so he agreed. As a result, he died from eating a large amount of ground glass shortly afterwards, Entreri being far more cunning and deceptive than he had expected. The young man was subsequently given his position in the guild.[1]




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