Theoderus was an eccentric and reclusive dwarven wizard who lived in a small, subterranean sanctum just outside the city of Melvaunt. He spent most of his time fashioning enchantments for items that are brought to him from various clientele.[1]


The mad dwarf known as Theoderus was once as Theoderus Stoneblood, a gifted young student at his clan's academy. While his clan was renowned for their stonework, Theoderus was lauded with praise for his talent with magic. Despite this, he was an awkward personality that had trouble relating to others. A Red Wizard spy within the academy took advantage of this weakness, luring him with the promising endeavor of new and exciting experiments. This turned out to be a trap, as these experiments, unbeknownst to Theoderus, ended up injuring and killing many dwarves within the community. While he was provided an alibi from the disguised Red Wizard agent, Theoderus chose to exile himself from his homeland. The Red Wizards demanded that he resettle in Melvaunt, acting as an observer of sorts in order that they might establish an enclave within the city. It was then that Theoderus dropped his clan name and became the reclusive wizard[1]

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