Theskul Mirroreye was one of the rulers of Boareskyr Bridge around 1360 DR.[1]


Based in Boareskyr Bridge, Theskul, along with Barim Stagwinter, became one of the de facto rulers of that place, protecting it from trolls, brigands, wolves, and worse.[2] He planned to build an abbey dedicated to Tyr with the idea of one day building a small kingdom centered in Boareskyr linked to north Faerûn and the Sunset Vale by strong fortresses at Dragonspear Castle, the Way Inn, Scornubel, and Triel.[1]


Theskul was fearless and a good judge of people, but lacked patience with those who tried to twist the rules. He believed in an ordered Faerûn, a task he set to accomplish one farm at a time.[1]


Theskul had a strained relationship with the sorceress Aluena Halacanter, whom he believed to be over-tolerant and suspected to be a Harper.[1]



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