Thessaly was a succubus agent of the demon lord Graz'zt in Hillsfar in 1491 DR.[2]


During the Rage of Demons in 1491 DR, Thessaly posed as the recently arrived sister of Davon Malaeda, the closest advisor of First Lord Torin Nomerthal (in truth, Davon had been replaced by the incubus Ruexohn). Thessaly seduced Nomerthal and Ruexohn convinced him that he needed to marry Thessaly. So the First Lord organized the First Lord's Midsummer Masquerade ballet in order to announce all the wealthiest citizens of Hillsfar of his marriage.[2]

As planned, at this point an elf assassin (in truth, a fiendish doppelganger) ruined the announcement of the marriage by attacking Thessaly. Ruexohn and Thessaly prepared to escape but an adventuring party hired by Elanil Elassidil to gather intelligence about Hillsfar unveiled them and fought and killed them.[3]




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