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Thibbledorf Pwent
Pwent in mid-charge
Thibbledorf Pwent
Basic Information
Nicknames The Pwent[1]
Home Mithral Hall[citation needed]
Gender Male[citation needed]
Race Dwarf[citation needed]
Turned Undead 1462 DR [citation needed]
Rules Information
Alignment Chaotic good[citation needed]
Class Battlerager[citation needed]

Thibbledorf Pwent was the dwarf leader of the Gutbusters.[2] He first appears in the novels The Legacy and then in Sea of Swords. He was also featured in the Hunter's Blades trilogy. He knocked several Dwarves out cold at the end of the former of the two books, and was known for wearing vicious looking spiked armor. He was also known for never having ever taken a bath, and had an odor so foul, that even other Dwarves avoided standing too close to him. In one instance, Catti-brie rubbed his head in a fond manner, and got a film of stinking filth on her hand.[citation needed]

Pwent was a Dwarf of tremendous character; held in high regards by many of his kin. In his initial arrival at Mithral Hall Pwent was a thorn in the side of Bruenor and many others. The Berserker was loud abrasive and smelly because of his intense hatred for bathing. Because of his deep love for Bruenor Battlehammer and his steadfast loyalty to king and clan Pwent earned his place as a member of clan Battlehammer one battle at a time. Going so far as to form the Gutbuster Brigade in preparation for the Drow attack on Mithral Hall by the city of Menzoberranzan.[citation needed]

By the time of the events of The Hunter's Blades trilogy the ever protective Pwent had become one of Bruenor's most trusted friends, advisers and combat allies. Pwent was one the few Dwarves selected by Bruenor along with Cordio Muffinhead, Torgar Hammerstriker and Drizzt Do'Urden when the King of Mithral Hall put together his small, elite group in order to march to the heart of the Orc army and kill Obould Many-Arrows in hopes of freeing Mithral Hall from the press of the Orc invasion.[citation needed]


Thibbledorf was known for his eagerness for and love of battle.[3] He once begged the werewolf Bidderdoo Harpell to bite him so that he could also become a werewolf presumably making him even fiercer in combat and hairier to boot. Bidderdoo wisely refused the request.[2] When not training in battle or drinking, a good amount of Pwent's time is spent trying to convince Bruenor's adopted daughter Catti-brie to grow a beard.[citation needed]

Pwent was shown to be a Dwarf of his word in the short story "Bones and Stones" which was published in the novel Realms of War. The story took place in between the events of The Two Swords and The Orc King, When Pwent ventured forth from Mithral Hall to the site of the last battle to return the bodies of his fallen comrades home in order to keep a promise made to the father of one of his recruits.[citation needed]


Thibbledorf's armor was ridged, so as to catch the flesh of a close-held enemy and tear when the dwarf began to shake and gyrate. His helmet featured a spike that was half his height. It also squeaked and squealed so much, as to have had no chance of stealth whatsoever.[4] A reference was made in "The Two Swords" that unlike other dwarves who draw their weapons, gutbusters just charge. Between the helmet spike, the spiked gauntlets, which allow piercing wounds when used to punch, and the design of the ridged armor, which turns what would appear to normally be an enthusiastic hug into a deadly and highly painful attack, that was usually enough. He also carried a flask of drink called Gutbuster, which helped to combat most known forms of poison and likely holds an anesthetic effect as well.[citation needed]


Pwent's first appearance was in the Legacy of the Drow series. He is revealed to have been present when the Duergar and Shimmergloom first laid siege to Mithral Hall, and later escaped Mithral Hall, only to return to offer his fealty to Bruenor Battlehammer. Soon after his return, Pwent bravely defended Mithral Hall from the Drow raiding party, eventually incapacitated by Vierna's snake-headed whip.[citation needed]

He also proved to be essential in defending Mithral Hall in The Thousand Orcs when he and his Gutbusters covered the Dwarven retreat back into the safety of Mithral Hall. Pwent promptly rescued a severely wounded King Bruenor Battlehammer.[5]

Pwent set out with Drizzt and Bruenor to find Gauntlgrym, but ended up staying in Icewind Dale due to his feeble knees from his battleraging. In the end Pwent comes to the aid of the group inside Gauntlgrym and ultimately drags Bruenor to the lever that would seal the fire primordial under a cage of Water elementals. His throat is slit by Dor'crae, the vampire, and is believed to have died shortly after the lever is pulled, sealing the primordial.[6]


In the epilogue of the book Charon's Claw, Pwent rose from his grave in Gauntlgrym. It was revealed that he was not dead, but nor was he alive. He had been turned into a vampire by Dor'crae.[7]

In the book The Last Threshold, Pwent is shown to be hunting and feeding off the blood of goblins and other monsters. However, he fears what he will become and after a brief talk with Drizzt decides to wait for the sun to rise in order to commit suicide before he does horrible acts. Drizzt leaves Pwent waiting for the sun, and it is not shown if he dies or retreats into a cave to hunt Underdark creatures, as is shown in the comic Neverwinter Tales.[citation needed]

In The Companions when Bruenor returns to Gauntlgrym to retrieve his axe, Pwent is discovered to have escaped back into the caves after his talk with Drizzt and is now the leader of an undead band of drow. Bruenor vows to return to free his friend from the curse of vampirism.[8]

By 1484 DR, Pwent had proclaimed himself the "Steward of Gauntlgrym"[9] and controlled a number of drow vampire minions, periodically attacking the drow of Q'Xorlarrin. When Drizzt and the reborn Companions of the Hall returned to Gauntlgrym to free Pwent from his curse, Pwent at first attacked them but then aided them in finding and rescuing Artemis Entreri and his companions. Catti-brie eventually captured Pwent in Wulfgar's magical horn.[10]





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