Thindol was a country on the southern coast of the Chultan Peninsula.[3][1]


Above ground, it was covered in long grasslands. Below ground, however, there were flooded tunnels.[1]

The Hills of Sythrilia hid a network of narrow caves.[5]


The land was inhabited by Tashalans[3] and Chultans[1][3] of the Thinguth tribe.[4] Although human,[1][3] some carried the blood of their yuan-ti conquerors.[3] They were famed for their incredibly swift running ability.[1][3] Others had exceptional endurance.[3]

Gold dwarves dwelt in the hills the mountains, while kuo-toa and yuan-ti (with a swimming snake appearance) lurked in the flooded tunnels. The latter two races were allied and at war with the dwarves.[1]


It was a mercantile nation[3] defended by very capable militias and dedicated yuan-ti hunters.[3] They fought with fine cutlasses and even blade boots and wore studded leather, while potions of blur were common.[3]

Notable ThindoleseEdit

  • Sythrilia, a famous heroine responsible for freeing her people from the rule of the yuan-ti, for whom the Hills of Sythrilia were named.[5]
  • The Sythrilian Sybil, a noted psychic seer and expert on psionics named for the Hills of Sythrilia in which she dwelt.[5]



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