Thokkor of the Furrowed Mountains was in charge of Huzuz's mercenary units.[1]


Thokkor's strong sense of discipline snapped the unruly mercenaries serving Huzuz into shape after he assumed command. Under Thokkor's guidance, they became the bravest units in Huzuz's military.[1]


Thokkor spent all of his time training three mercenary units. Each had 700 men.[1]

He lived in an apartment within the Hall of Commanders in the Palace of the Enlightened Throne.[2]


Once a slave, Thokkor was bought and freed by Khalil al-Assad al-Zahir in the days before Khalil became the Grand Caliph. The two would often adventure together and grew quite close. Thokkor swore his allegiance to Khalil and offered to serve in the military, eventually rising to command Huzuz's mercenary forces.[1]



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