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Thontoros the Learned, also called the Sage of the Just Gods, was a sage. Thontoros made a study of the clergy, relics, and deeds of the followers of the deities of justice: Helm, Ilmater, Torm, and Tyr.[1][2] [note 1]

Thontoros once wrote about how the Twelve Champions of Torm defended the citadel of Lothtia on the Shining Plains against orcs in the Year of the Blood Tusk Charge, 1158. Thontoros mentioned that the paladin Harondath carried the holy shield the Veloghon of Vigilance in battle and "bathed it in the blood of the orcs of Thoktor Ironfangs."[1]

Thontoros was the author of a book entitled Relics of the Righteous, chronicling, amongst other things, the creation of the sword Dornavver.[2]



  1. The wording in Prayers from the Faithful, "of other followers" suggests that Thontoros himself worshiped one of these four deities.


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