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Thoqqua, also called rock worms, were worm-like elementals native to the Elemental Plane of Fire.[1]


A thoqqua's long body was hot enough to melt rock.[1] Thoqqua had no internal organs, being made purely of the elements of fire and earth.[5]


Thoqqua were foul-tempered. They spent most of their time burrowing underground in search of minerals to eat.[1]


Thoqqua used their bodies to slam their enemies. This was particularly effective because the touch of a thoqqua resulted in fire damage.[1]


Thoqqua were natives of the Elemental Plane of Fire[4] or, possibly, the Paraelemental Plane of Magma.[2] However, they also dwelt on the Elemental Plane of Earth[1] and in the Underdark on Toril.[4]


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