Thorlor's Well was a well and campsite situated north of the western side of Ankhwood[1] north of the Lake of Steam.[2]


At Thorlor's Well, circa 1342 DR, Sir Guth of Ormpetarr, a knight of Ilmater, confronted the mad Ilmatari priest Bloirt Waelarn over his crimes and challenged him to single combat. Waelarn accepted, and promptly used a cairn spell to bury Guth. Waelarn then dug Guth out with a pick, and used an axe to chop off any limb that was revealed. Guth was soon killed and Waelarn left. But the god Ilmater caused Sir Guth to rise from his grave as a zombie, which set off in relentless pursuit of the rogue priest.[1]


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