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Type Fortress
Owner Caradoon family

Inhabitants of Thornhold
Organizations in Thornhold

Thornhold was a fortress located off the southern edge of the Mere of Dead Men.


A short way from the top of a hill whose west side dropped off into a seaside cliff. The hill itself was located to the west of the High Road and just beyond the southern border of the Mere. [1]


A plain gray stone fort with a central keep possessing two towers. Evenly-spaced arrow slits are the only things that broke up the stone.[1]


The earliest records said that Thornhold was the fortress of Brunyundar Margaster, a local warlord, until he was overthrown by Samular Carradoon shortly after the end of the Second Troll War. Samular had a deed of ownership written so that it would belong to his family but it actually functioned as a chapterhouse for the Knights of Samular until 1368 DR when it was briefly seized by the Zhentarim after Hronrulf Caradoon died.

Recaptured by Hronrulf's daughter Bronwyn, she gifted the fortress to the dwarves of Clan Stoneshaft who transformed it into a caravan stop for traders about to brave the stretch of the High Road bordering the Mere.[1]


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