Thraxxia is a half-fiendish daughter of the demon lord Graz'zt.


Though she has no known succubus blood, Thraxxia physically resembles an alu-fiend, with an attractive, feminine human form, upsloping eyebrows and small, batlike wings. She is, however, far more powerful, having gained the might and magical powers of a nalfeshnee through trickery and guile.[1]


Thraxxia is the daughter of Graz'zt and a long-dead human monk. After killing three of her half-sisters to prove herself to her father, she has since served as Graz'zt's personal assassin.[2]

During the imprisonment of Waukeen, Graz'zt plotted to magically disguise Thraxxia as the goddess of wealth, counting on Lliira to transfer Waukeen's portfolio to Thraxxia in Waukeen's stead.[1] This plot was thwarted by a band of adventurers in the course of the adventure For Duty & Deity.


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