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The Three-Faced Sun heresey states that the sun is a tripartite overdeity, with aspects of dawn, highsun (solar noon), and dusk. Like a spinning prism viewed from the side, believers in this heresy teach that only two of the three aspects can be "seen" at any time. (There are said to be brief instants in deific time when only one aspect is manifest.)

According to this heresy, during the Age of Netheril, Amaunator ruled as the aspect of highsun, while Jergal (then the Netherese deity of death) held the portfolio of dusk. After Amaunator faded away, Lathander appeared as the aspect of dawn, and Myrkul inherited the aspect of dusk. The Time of Troubles marked the fall of Myrkul and Lathander's brief moment of unchallenged dominance. Now, believers in the Three-Faced Sun are heralding the rise of Amaunator. Some believers in this heresy suggest that Lathander will become the new aspect of highsun and another will take his place as the aspect of dawn, while others herald the rise of a new deity who is the aspect of highsun. Believers in the Three-Faced Sun have access to the death, law, renewal, sun, and time cleric domains.



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