The Three Towers is a performance club in the Dock Ward of Waterdeep. It is known for hosting traveling minstrels, singers and storytellers, including Rymrick the Bawd, Dulchaesen and The Bell-Dwarves Three. On a night when no guest performer is available, a "Round of Ballades" is held by the staff, which is led by "Waterfall" Baerle Waszunn.


The club is located on a corner in the Dock Ward, at a junction between Drawn Sword Alley, Leera's Alley and Watchrun Alley.

Crying To My HarpEdit

The club was the host of a notable performance of Crying To My Harp by the traveling minstrel Nymbrar "Nighteye" Shatterslee. It was extremely popular with the patrons and the venue was so full that the windows were propped open so that people could watch from the alleys outside. The performance caused so many coins to be thrown that the staff collected them in baskets normally used for bread.