Threskel was an impoverished kingdom on the Sea of Fallen Stars in East Faerûn. The scattered cities were dotted among arid lands that were poorly suited for farming.[1]


While there was no overall culture for entirety of Threskel, the people of its cities borrowed features and attitudes from their neighboring lands. For example, those from Mordulkin shared a similar attitude with those from Chessenta while people from Mourktar and the eastern region were more alike with the Untheric peoples.[1]


Threskel was a sparsely populated land, with wind-buffeted valleys, harsh stonelands and scattered verdant vegetation.[1]

  • Fields of Pryollus: These lands at the base of Mount Thulbane were used for an Untheric sporting competition every few years.[1]
  • Long Beach: This stretch of coastline was home to several hamlet's that have sprung up around the rich fishing waters of the Inner Sea.[1]

Bodies of WaterEdit


  • Mount Thulbane: This inactive volcano was the highest peak throughout the entirety of Chessenta, Threskel and Unther.[1]

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After Tchazzar and his army defeated Alasklerbanbastos in 1479 DR, Threskel became a vassal state of Chessenta.[2]



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