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The Throat was a water tower in Luskan.[3]


The tower was located in the North Bank of Luskan near the Red Dragon Trading Post.[1] The Throat could be reached by the long span of Harbor Cross from Blood Island.[4]


The Throat was a large water tower surrounded by pastures for tending sheep.[2]


Anyone found in the vicinity of the tower was immediately apprehended to protect the city's main water supply. The city guards were armed with crossbows with paralyzing quarrels.[3]


Around 1370 DR, the sheep raised in the field around the Throat were given to the five captains of Luskan: Baram, Kurth, Rethnor, Suljack, and Taerl.[3] For a time, dwarves made it a rite of passage to paint the High Captains' sheep different colors, but after a bloody feud with the city, the practice ceased.[2]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

Most Luskanites would tell all travelers to Luskan that the Throat and Whitesails Harbor were extremely dangerous places filled with kidnappers and killers.[3]



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