The Thulbanian Games was a grand athletic competition that took place in Chessenta.[1][2]


They were held every two years on the Fields of Pryollus at the foot of Mount Thulbane in Threskel. They lasted for one week and during this time, all wars in Chessenta were put on hold.[1][2]

Their purpose was to discover the very best athletes of Chessenta. Winners were considered heroes in their home cities, and even slaves were treated like nobility if they did well.[1]


King Theris of Mourktar held his own games on the site in the Year of the Prince, 1357 DR in order to choose his successor. The attempt failed, however.[1][2][note 1]

After the dragons Alasklerbanbastos and Jaxanaedegor took over Threskel in the Year of the Sword, 1365 DR, the Games remained on hold. By 1374 DR, organizers were considering relocating the games well out of Jaxanaedegor's domain.[2]


In keeping with traditional Chessentan sports, all the competitions were individual events, not team sports. Popular events were chariot-racing over an obstacle course, running, long jumping, throwing javelins and discuses, and boxing, but the most popular were wrestling and pankration.[1]

All athletes competed nude.[1]

Evening entertainment consisted of big feasts and poets and theater troupes performing for the crowds.[1]



  1. Theris's games are not stated to be the Thulbanian Games themselves, only a similar event held on the same site.


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