Thulk was a male bugbear barbarian slave from Szith Morcane. He ruled the slaves of Szith Morcane with an iron fist under the approval of his drow masters.[1]


Physically, Thulk appeared to be a very strong example of his kind.[1] He customarily wore leather armor and kept a morningstar to hand.[2]


Not just physically imposing, Thulk was also renowned for his strong and imposing personality. Able to cow the rest of the goblinoid and even the stone giant slaves in Szith Morcane, his ability to keep the other slaves in check earned him the tentative backing of the drow. Thulk's cruelty could rival the drow when needed and he was intimidating enough to keep even giants in order. Despite this, Thulk was not above negotiating with those he recognized as stronger than him, at least until he judged them weak enough to be killed off.[1]


A forceful creature, Thulk was skilled at bullying others into doing what he wanted but smart enough to keep on good terms with his drow masters.[1] In combat, Thulk could fly into a fierce rage, pummeling his foes with his morningstar or even smashing their weapons with his great strength.[2]


Thulk was denied any form of magical or finely crafted equipment owing to his station as a slave. Therefore, he kept simple but effective weapons to hand and carried a small wooden shield, morningstar, and a set of five javelins with him at all times. His armor was made of simple leathers.[2]


By Marpenoth 27, 1372 DR, Thulk had risen as the bugbear boss of the slaves in Szith Morcane and had struck a deal with the recent Kiaransaleean drow invaders to keep that position.[1]



Thulk had three wives and two sons, all of whom shared a cave with him in the Szith Morcane slave cavern.[1]


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