Thuluna Maah was a sea hag and a high-ranking member of the Cult of the Crushing Wave at the Temple of the Crushing Wave in Tyar-Besil during the Elemental Evil crisis.[1]


Thuluna Maah was the second-in-command of the temple, answering only to Gar Shatterkeel. She was a sly, calculating creature, quick to offer bargains and make deals that she could later turn to her advantage. Thuluna dreamed of purging the cult of its human members but only when the right opportunity came. Until then, she encouraged attacks against rival cults, hoping that the air or fire cultists would kill the Crushing Wave's human leadership for her. She hated beauty and always attacked the best-looking enemies first.[1]


In 1491 DR, Thuluna was in charge of all non-human members of the cult. She lived inside the temple with two ogre bodyguards and a retinue of lizardfolk. However, some adventurers infiltrated the temple and confronted and defeated her and her minions.[1]




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