Thurbrand (pronounced: /ˈθʌrbrɑːndTHURR-brand[1]) was a fighter in Arabel in 1357 DR.[1]


Thurbrand had been a warrior from his earliest years. He had led numerous campaigns in the Stonelands to fight orcs, trolls, kobolds, bandits, and even more dangerous creatures. Very few of his companions came back. One time fighting a dark naga, only Thurbrand survived. Another time, the evil Zhentarim wizard Whisper killed seven of the Thurbrand's companions. But in his time, he had amassed a great treasure.[1]


Thurbrand dreamed of building a stronghold in the Stonelands but he knew he did not have the power to defeat the Zhents in the area so he waited to move at the right opportunity. He knew many valleys and tombs in the area.[1]



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